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Biography of Nicolette

Tattooist and Owner of Back40Tattoo

“I’ve always loved to paint, art has been my release from a very uniformed and restricted career.” Aside from her extreme multi-tasking nature. Nic is an animal enthusiast. Primarily the exotic nature, her personal pet “ION” is the featured logo for the shop. A Large hook-bill Green Wing Macaw. She takes in rescues as often as she can and rehabilitates them to new homes or they live out there days with her and her family.

She left the financial corporate world to explore a closer to home adventure with the urging of her family's support and encouragement. Using her 5 beautiful children as her muse and guidance. A devoted mother to say the least, and does all she can to live by example.

“I don’t really care what they grow up to be, so long as they are happy with their choice. Life is just too short .”

Nic has been the owner of many small businesses ventures, which she refined and sold as turn-key's. An entrepreneur spirit, get’r done attitude, and a love for the technical aspect of any scenario.

Her heart has settled in the small town of Molalla and is the proud owner of the only tattoo parlor in town.

“I want people to be relaxed and comfortable. It’s scary to do something so permanent. This is the only thing you will truly take to the grave.”

Bachelors in the Science of Business Management with minor in Marketing.

(University of Oregon, University of Phoenix)

Graduate of Forbidden Body Art School of Tattoo

(Portland, OR)

Current State authorized teacher of Continued Education.

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